Mangia! The Ravioli Company in South Tampa has over thirty types of ravioli

Since moving to Tampa, there have been a handful of times where I’ve been certifiably homesick. Those pangs usually come when I’m missing out on my out of town family’s weekly Sunday suppers. Of course, those dinners are as much about the company as the food that is being served, but when the blues hit, I order takeout from The Ravioli Company in South Tampa.  I’ve discovered that this teenie tiny South Tampa shop is the place to pick up some of the best Italian food in Tampa.

The Ravioli Company is so much more than an artisan pasta company.  As the name suggests, there is a vast selection of handmade pastas like egg rigatoni, gnocchi and cavatelli.  But The Ravioli Company also offers sauces to go that can be mixed and matched with the pasta (twelve options in all, priced by the pint) and an full arsenal of prepared Italian entrees. The menu also has five types of lasagna, an extensive selection of manicotti and choices of pasta bakes that are perfect for serving a hungry mob.

I’d trust The Ravioli Company with making food for my pickiest guests. In fact, the salmon ravioli and fresh cream sauce served at last year’s Feast of Seven Fishes Christmas Eve dinner were from the shop. I had a tough crowd to feed that night–my family was actually in Tampa for the holidays– but they gave the delicate little pillows of flavor their seal of approval. I’ve also ordered takeout from The Ravioli Company.   The noodles in the Meat Lasagna stand up to the hearty sauce and the Chicken Marsala with Gnocchi was delish (and not mushy, I hate that!)  Keep a few pounds of meat tortellini and angel hair in the freezer (with a few pints of sauce) for quick dinners. The Baby Arugula and Cheese Ravioli and Eggplant, Sicilian Olive and Fontinella Ravioli are next on my list to try.

Sometimes, homecooked Italian food, and the food coma that ensues, is just what the doctor ordered to cure homesickness. 3413 South Manhattan Ave. Tampa, FL Tel:  (813) 254-2051.

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