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Peaches are in season

August is National Peach Month. Peaches aren’t just the darling of Georgia– there are stellar varieties from Florida that are just as ripe, juicy and in season and we can’t seem to get enough.  While the ways to use peaches are seemingly endless, we are sharing some of our favorite peach recipes from around the web, as well as where to snag some stellar peach desserts in Florida.

Tampa-based Chef Debbie Frangipane’s Piemontese Stuffed Peaches are sweet, just like her.  Her suggestion: serve with a glass of Moscato wine and a dollop of whipped cream on the side. Yummy. Or how about Peach Cobbler? It’s Barack Obama’s favorite dessert, and Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop in POTUS’s hometown has a Peach Cobbler recipe fit for the leader of the free world and for you.  Here’s a link to their peach cobbler recipe thanks to Jacksonville food blogger Debi Lander.

We found this Peach ice cream recipe via The Amateur Gourmet, one of our favorite food bloggers. Adam inspired us to make Alton Brown’s recipe and we all screamed for more. Don’t feel like cooking? Aunt Sue’s famous Peach Cobbler at Bowled in St. Petersburg is a pretty darn good substitute.  How do you like to cook with peaches?

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