Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m back in Junior High. Much to my dismay, the rad fashions of the 80’s are back, the unemployment rate is in the double digits and frozen yogurt is en vogue. Incidentally, if you see me in my jeggings, it’s Ms. Melton, if you’re nasty.

Growing up, it was a treat to go to TCBY, despite its identity crisis (is it “This Can’t Be Yogurt” or  “The Country’s Best Yogurt?”).  Taking advantage of a more health conscious public, today’s Fro-yo stores are multiplying like Blinkys in a Pacman game.  But which ones are worth a stop? To kick off summer, here are some noteworthy Tampa frozen yogurt places:

We like Berryism because the live cultures in the yogurt make for a yummy tummy. (Yea, we just wrote that.) They offer Tart, Wildberry, Chocolate and a Flavor of the Week, plus the usual assortment of dry and fruit toppings. 701 South Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL. Tel: (813) 873-2377.

CaliYogurt. This store is one of Mister M’s favorites, mainly because we can walk to it. Besides that, the flavors change regularly (green tea and the peach are delish) but we wish that they would crack a smile once in a while. It’s frozen yogurt, not nuclear physics, right? 2303 West Morrison Avenue Tampa, FL. Tel: (813) 254-2362.

Pinkberry: If it's good enough for Li-lo, it's good enough for us.

Chill: A Frozen Yogurt Bar. This bar is a newcomer to the South Tampa frozen yogurt scene.  Its draw is the 12 flavor variety and the fact that no growth hormones, gluten or high fructose corn syrup are used in their fro-yo. The price tag is pretty good too—it’s only 49 cents an ounce. 3401 D West Bay to Bay Boulevard, Tampa, FL. Tel: (813) 805-2445.

The Pinkberry swirly sensation recently landed in Westshore Plaza. Pinkberry has seasonal flavors (Watermelon is the summer offering) and smoothies as well as our new favorite, the fruit parfait layered with granola.  If it’s good enough for the glitterati, it’s good enough for us. 173 Westshore Plaza, Tampa, FL (next to PF Changs). Tel: (813) 636-5019.

Yogurtology is a self-serve frozen yogurt emporium that offers offbeat flavors (the Bananarama stays true to its 80’s roots) and tons of toppings in a self-service bar. The toppings are premium here, which makes it worth the stop and we like that we can make our serving precisely the way we want thanks to the self serve. (There are Tampa and St. Petersburg locations). 202 South Church Street, Suite C, Tampa, FL. Tel: (813) 251-2717.

What would you add to our frozen yogurt list and what makes them stand out?

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  1. Julia on Thursday 16, 2011

    I have a fro yo addiction. I don’t add toppings, I just have multiple flavors in 1 cup. My fave are peanut butter cup, peanut butter, coconut, cake batter, and peach. If I can combine them all in 1 cup, Im a happy camper :)

  2. Zest Foodie on Thursday 16, 2011

    Sounds like a good plan Julia! Thanks for reading!

  3. Kristin on Thursday 16, 2011

    I’ve never tried Berryism…I will now!

  4. Jill @ on Thursday 16, 2011

    Hi, Gina. We definitely like to get our fro-yo on! We’ve tried them all, and my kids and I prefer Yogurtology. The flavor selections are outstanding, and the toppings are so well maintained! Plus, they offer a frequent user card which allows you to earn a $3.00 discount after a certain number of purchases. Bonus!

  5. Julie @SavvyEats on Thursday 16, 2011

    The frozen yogurt trend has yet to make its way to upstate New York. Sad face.

  6. Zest Foodie on Thursday 16, 2011

    perhaps a new business venture is in your future? ;)