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Mister M and I headed to Texas last week to catch up with friends and attack the San Antonio and Austin restaurant scenes with a vigor reserved for those facing a firing squad. More on the ins and outs of where we grubbed in another post, but one of the highlights of the Austin portion of our trip was a stop at native golden boy Lance Armstrong’s bike shop, Mellow Johnny’s.

Lance was here

The days where I would ride 70 miles on a Saturday afternoon, just because, have given way to food blogging, twitter, more food blogging and well, laziness. I am a bit of a dilettante with my free time and frankly can’t muster the embarrassment of pouring into a head-to-toe lycra getup when I could be in my sweats cooking and writing. (Insert not-so-sexy visual here)

This Trek beauty caught my eye though, and just might get me back on the road!

The Trek transport is designed for urban biker and allows you to schlep your farmer’s market goodies around town in an environmentally responsible way.  This one has been suped up for the urban cook. It’s a Urban Taco transport, if you will.

Boos blocks rock

Specially created by Trek as a gift for Gary Fisher (he’s the the inventor of the mountain bike), this beauty has a Boos cutting board, a gas burner and back wheel pack that serves as both a utensil holder and spice rack.

Austin urban planners have made biking in the city super easy  and I wish Tampa would take note. Leave it to Austin to make me feel infinitely uncool, but what do you think- could I pull this off around town?

What would you cook on it?

Thanks to Shanghaicrushin for the pic.

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