How to throw a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner party

This is M & Co.’s first year hosting Thanksgiving at our house.  It looks like we are going to have a houseful and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate my favorite holiday! Family members probably think I didn’t detect the sounds of concern in their voice when I said that I was hosting Thanksgiving […]

How do you handle sticky dining dilemmas? Send it back or ask for a refund- or both?

Lately, I’ve had some disappointing dining out experiences in South Tampa. In frustration, earlier this week, I wrote a post venting about a bad experience at a certain restaurant under the guise of “opening a dialogue” on how to handle sticky dining situations. Truth be told, the last few “nice” dinners I’ve had in South […]

Have a restaurant manners delimma? Etiquette Expert Patricia Rossi to the rescue…

When manners guru Patricia Rossi agreed to sit down with us to answer our restaurant etiquette questions, we were poised and ready to take advantage of her years of experience as an etiquette coach and manners columnist. (Patricia’s “Manners Minute” TV segments air weekly on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC and other affiliates throughout the U.S. […]