Wish you Were Here: Pizza at Napoli’s da Michele provided 2013’s best bite

Mister M and I recently returned from Puglia, a region in Italy, with hearts filled with warmth from southern Italian hospitality and bellies full of the beloved Apuglian cuisine my Italian family was raised on. Towards the end of our trip we headed for a quick stay in Rome before flying home. But not before […]

Florida’s most romantic restaurants and best Valentine’s Day dinners | It’s not too late!

Valentine’s Day. Those two seemingly innocuous words can strike dread in even the smoothest of suitors.  In a pinch to find a worthy place to woo your sweetie? No worries, it’s not too late!  Zest is to the rescue with a list of the most romantic places in Florida for Valentine’s Day, or any other […]

WISH YOU WERE HERE | The Best Things I Ate in 2011

2011 was momentous eating year for Mister M and I. We were fortunate to squeeze in a ton of travel and experience new and exciting cultures. Of course, those adventures also gave us the chance to sample lots of great food. I started 2011 on a detox kick. While I was somewhat successful in ridding […]

WISH YOU WERE HERE | Rockin’ the menu at Ma Peche

Chef David Chang is one bad momofuku. His taste in music isn’t half bad either. Earlier this month, me, Mister M and four of our other foodie friends had the good fortune of eating at Ma Peche, one of Chang’s NYC restaurants located at The Chambers hotel in midtown Manhattan. Ma Peche, I had been told, […]

Homage to Pastéis de Belém, Portugal’s best kept secret

On the fringes of Lisbon, there’s the picturesque Belém, a waterfront historic quarter where in years past, many of Portugal’s important expeditions set sail.  Sure, the imposing Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, a monastery that contains the tombs of kings and queens and explorer Vasco da Gama, is a draw to Belém. But the real reason for […]

Once you go Czech, you never go back

Mister M and I’s first stop when arriving in Prague last week was to Hlucna Samota, a local bar that served Czech favorites. The all-star concoction of pork with potato dumplings, sauerkraut and bacon sounded like a comfort food dream. Then they brought me this trough—with it’s own source of fire—and I thought, they had to […]

Camping, Food Porn and Watermelon | A Food Blogger’s perfect weekend

I just returned from an awesome food bloggers conference in the San Bernadino Valley called Camp Blogaway. Yep, I brought a sleeping bag, roasted smores and sang kumbaya out of key! (Full disclosure, while we slept in cabins, it was still a giant leap for womankind as far as I’m concerned) While camping, I met […]

My trip to Italy confirmed what I already knew: Italians do it better.

I just returned from a culturally-packed two week holiday in Italy. On the long plane trip back to reality, I couldn’t help but think about how fortunate I was to experience all I did on my trip. I spent cherished quality time with my Mom and sister, saw amazing art and historic sites, all while […]

I ate the Macho at San Antonio’s Chris Madrid’s | Clogging arteries never felt so good.

During our recent trip to Texas, Mister M introduced me to a Mission City institution, Chris Madrid’s. Known for its mom-and-pop vibe, CM’s has a variety of specialty burgers, fresh cut French fries, nachos and chalupas. Succumbing to adamant recommendations by the nice lady behind the register and Mister M, I settled in on the […]

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