Would you cherpumple?

Kitchen kitsch. That’s what humorist Charles Phoenix, the creator of the cherpumple, says was his goal when he created the holiday dessert that consists of a cherry pie, apple pie and a pumpkin pie all baked into a three-layer cake and topped with frosting. His creation is the solution to every good eaters dilemma: when confronted with a slew of desserts, how can you be expected commit to just one?

Phoenix’s YouTube video (see below) gives directions on how to make the layered dessert as well as other cooks attempts at the culinary feat. It didn’t take long for it to go viral, cultivating reactions ranging from admiration to curiosity to downright disgust.

The mound of unrefined gluttony is extremely difficult to make and is prone to collapse. Making a cherpumple can take three days, because each component must cool before being baked into another. Essentially, the baker must pry each cooked pie out of its dish and plop it into a cake pan, then smother it in cake batter. THEN it’s back into the oven again. Phoenix’s full recipe and video how-to can be found here.

Phoenix tells cooks not to fret if their attempts result in a collapse, encouraging them to “act like it was meant to happen, and serve it with spoons!”

Would you ever attempt this?

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