Michaels Genuine Food Drink

In spring of 2007, the Michaels Genuine Food Drink struck the industry with a great surprise. Customers now like the happy welcome that this business offers. With seriously good food and refreshing laid-back environment, this restaurant has become a cynosure of excellence. Located in the Miami Design District, the restaurant has been able to serve both locals and international visitors. Michael Schwartz has been able to live up to the hype of his restaurant since inception.

A great place for anyone if you are looking for the most delicious food in the Miami Design District. Unpretentious, homemade, delectable meals are all you get when visiting this restaurant. One amazing thing about the restaurant is that foods are prepared with great traditional ingredients. Customers can have access to the restaurant for seven days in a week. The restaurant serves brunch, dinner, an afternoon menu, and lunch. There are one hundred seats available in the courtyard and dining room.

There is twenty-four seat at the welcoming bar with extra sixteen in the bar room. This is a place where visitors can have a nice time with themselves. From Monday through Saturday, you can get an afternoon menu that includes a raw bar. The small plates of this restaurant shine on the Sunday Brunch. This will always take place on a weekly-altering menu of sweet and savory feels. Located in a vibrant and amazing Design District, the luxury fashion of Miami is welcoming you at Michaels Genuine Food Drink.

Customers can also find private dining when visiting this restaurant. This private dining will help you to meet with different customers and other people. Since 2007, the restaurant has been able to give clients the best of their service. The environment is calm and cool with the best cuisine being served. If you are looking for one of the best restaurants in Miami District, then give this place a try. The spacious environment can help you enjoy the refreshing capabilities of people working in the restaurant.

The truth is that the restaurant helps to bring a huge difference in the entire neighborhood. If you want to relax and eat the best food, you can give this restaurant a try. You will discover that your time, effort and investment will not be in vain for visiting this venue. Another amazing thing about the restaurant is that you will always find a cost-effective menu that serves the course. Give this restaurant a try today and see the difference.