The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Miami, Florida

Vegetarians won’t go hungry in Miami, Florida. This Southern Florida city boasts a wide variety of vegetarian restaurants, which serve everything from freshly squeezed juice to upscale entrees. Here are a few of the best vegetarian restaurants in Miami, Florida.

Vegan & Juice

Vegan & Juice is one of the most popular juice bars inMiami. The restaurant has a diverse menu, offering customers between 8 and 10 dishes on a daily basis. Customers dine on savory meals such as avocado wraps, eggplant and chickpeas, and vegetarian tofu. The smoothie menu is similarly diverse. The tasty beverages are chock full of nutritious ingredients, like almonds, oatmeal, and berries. Vegan & Juice offers scrumptious vegan
desserts as well.

Jar + Fork

Jar + Fork offers a number of vegetarian and vegan options. While this restaurant does serve meat as well, vegetarians won’t have a hard time finding savory snacks at this local café. Options range from vegetarian wraps to tofu curry bowls to vegan Caesar salads. Jar + Fork sell sweet treats as well, like vegan energy bars and vegan cookie dough balls.

Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin

No list of the best vegetarian restaurants in Miami, Florida, would be complete without Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin. The aptly named cafe offers Caribbean-inspired entrees without the meat. Customers can choose between innovative dishes, which include vegan short ribs, meatless meatball subs, and vegan burgers. The café is also well known for its selection of healthy juice drinks. Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin uses diverse ingredients, like celery, cucumbers, beets, and strawberries, to create invigorating beverages.

Harvest Moon Gourmet Bistro

Harvest Moon Gourmet Bistro offers fresh foods served in a relaxed, 1950’s style venue. The restaurant only uses the finest ingredients to create its range of entrees, which range from gourmet salads to hot cheese melts. The café specializes in carrot juices, mixing this potent vegetable juice with oranges, apples, cucumbers, and ginger.

Beehive Juice Bar

Miami is hot, so it’s no wonder the locals are constantly in need of refreshments. Beehive Juice Bar is one of Miami’s most popular juice joints; it offers tasty smoothie concoctions made from turnips, kale, and more.

This juice bar also offers an assortment of food, like vegan burgers and nutritious salads.

Konata’s Carrot

The best vegetarian restaurants in Miami, Florida, use fresh ingredients to create unique, tasty juices and entrees. Konata’s Carrot is no exception. This vegetarian restaurant takes food seriously, and its Caribbean-inspired dishes are simply delicious. Favorite dishes include the Jamaican patty, quinoa, empanadas, and vegan sticks. This affordable restaurant is also known for its vegan platters.