Best Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale

If you are a visitor in Fort Lauderdale, there is one thing that remains certain. You will not go hungry or thirty of anything eatable or drinkable thing. With the best restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, your stay will always remain remarkable.

3030 Ocean:

In Fort Lauderdale, 3030 Ocean is one of the best restaurants to find good seafood. The restaurant is known for its excellence in serving customers to the letters. The prestigious New York Times awarded 3030 Ocean the best and even the most excellent chef in 2009.

Sea Restaurant:

Sea Restaurant is located at East Commercial Boulevard. Tony Sindaco is the owner of the restaurant. Tony is proud to provide customers the best food that you can imagine. From braized black grouper to tuna Bolognese, the restaurant is magnificent. Food is provided with ever-changing and perfectly cooked ingredients. The restaurant will satisfy your quest for seafood and other amazing food items.

Thasos Greek Taverna:

In time past, it is difficult to find Greek food apart from casual family eateries and dinners. The truth is that this restaurant remains the cynosure of beauty for Greek food. If you are looking for Mediterranean diets, then Thasos Greek Taverna is the place to go. With olive oil, lemon, and fresh herbs, the Mediterranean bass is grilled to give a wonderful taste.

Hot & Soul:

People should not only find amazing food in formal places. If you are looking to dress casual and have a nice meal, then Hot & Soul is the place to go. Customers will be happy to eat burgers and hot dogs in this amazing restaurant. Even with your casual dressing, you will discover that Hot & Soul is the right environment to be.

Casa D’Angelo:

When talking about Broward County dining scene, Case D’Angelo is one of the leading restaurants to visit. The restaurant helps to bring the Italian food diet system down to Fort Lauderdale. From garlic, rosemary, dry-aged New York strip steak, alla Fiorentina and wood-grilled bistecca, Case D’Angelo is your dream restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. Food is served with wild mushroom, Vidalia onion, risotto and gnocchi in this amazing restaurant.


While there are several restaurants to patronize in Fort Lauderdale, the few in this article will help you get started. One thing is evident that while living or visiting Fort Lauderdale, you will always overcome hunger. This means that you will find the best restaurant to have dinner, lunch, and even breakfast.