Top Five Romantic Restaurant in Miami FL

Miami is known to have the most romantic restaurant. Whereby you find delicious food, conducive environment, welcoming candlelit tables, unique arrangement of place and above all exceptional service from everyone and among many others. If you are looking for a romantic restaurant whereby you want to take someone special for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or some time out, then Miami is the perfect place. The following the top Romantic restaurants in Miami.

The Café Roval

Here you are welcomed with a good atmosphere whereby you find tiered lagoons, stone on the pathways, palm trees and a cascading waterfall with a beautiful bronze Buddha at the center of it. When it comes to the menu, you won’t be disappointed since they have the perfect menu with American fashion menu packed with options and tasty meals.

The Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill

Many people prefer to have some light to boost their moods. You don’t have to worry about buying some candles; Sugarcane has the solution for your problem. You can enjoy your retreat to the sidewalk towards the dine and garden under twinkling strings covered with star-shaped lights. Their menu comes with appetizing plates, raw selections, and creative sushi rolls.

The Mandolin Aegean Bistro

Another romantic restaurant in Miami whereby you can have all your time. It’s just in the Design District along NE Second Avenue, and from a distance, you can see a welcoming blue-framed
door. It’s a former 1940s home, but when you enter there, you feel like you are in Greece Village. The place is decorated with fantastic colors such as white and blue accents. You will find trees that have a lantern-lit table and a seat that you will enjoy to the fullest and relieve all the stress. After that, you are welcomed with a menu containing ever delicious food you ever taste like chicken kebabs, whole grilled sea bass and hearty chunks of grilled chicken together with orzo pilaf and among many others.

The La Mar

Most ladies like to be appreciated and loved, and she deserves it. You can take her in this romantic restaurant that will indicate the true love for her. You will be served tableside, and cocktails options are in large quantities. You will enjoy together without any disturbance and environment is well decorated

The Matador Room

Most ladies keep on changing their clothes. So this will be the perfect romantic restaurant to take a girl. As you enjoy your time and well-prepared food there, she can have time
also to go and change to look gorgeous for you.